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Grenfell Tower on The Lancaster West Estate. London W11. A Part of "My Name is Clive".

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

On This Site 314 Testerton Walk Under Grenfell Tower (Previously 26 Upper Grenfell Walk) I, Clive Headley Composed, Played and Recorded All The Music Listed on the CD's Above. 1. Initiation To Consciousness, 2. Notes Of Ecstasy, 3. Glory In The Highest and 4. Guitar Heaven. Out Of A Dream Music Breathing New Life Into The Guitar. Breath taking Guitar Music

Before Microsoft and Windows 95 Started The Portable Computer Revolution Musicians around the World were Seriously Into Home Studio Recording. Their Aim Myself Included was to Compose and Record Their Own Music. For the First time Professional Recording Equipment became affordable and any Budding Genius could Record their own Music In Their Own Bedroom. My bedroom was Under Grenfell Tower. 26 Upper Grenfell Walk, later renamed 314 Testerton Walk on The Lancaster West Estate, London W11.

I lived on the Lancaster West Estate for about 10 years between the mid 80's to the mid 90's. At the time I was working at Chiltern Court a Mansion Block above Baker St. Tube Station and for the first time I was able to earn a decent wage and to do some serious saving. After about 2 years I had enough to put my dream into reality my own recording studio. In the Photo shown the white wooden partition was installed after the fire otherwise you could have seen the gardens. On the top of the photo under the 2 CCTV cameras there is a white plastic grill. The Wall to the right of the grill was my Bedroom where it was all done.

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