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Grenfell Tower - In All It's Glory - No Cladding In Sight - A Part of "My Name is Clive".

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Grenfell Tower.

Before Microsoft and Windows 95 Started The Portable Computer Revolution Musicians around the World were Seriously Into Home Studio Recording. Their Aim Myself Included was to Compose and Record Their Own Music. For the First time Professional Recording Equipment became affordable and any Budding Genius could Record their own Music In Their Own Bedroom. My bedroom was Under Grenfell Tower. 26 Upper Grenfell Walk, later renamed 314 Testerton Walk on The Lancaster West Estate, London W11.

Tower Blocks are everywhere. In Most cities in the world there are Tower Blocks and they are usually Cheap, Affordable and Ordinary places to Live and unless you Live there or are visiting someone who lives there Tower Blocks are usually anonymous places. What marks Grenfell Tower was the Tragic Way of its Demise. I only just mentioned Grenfell in my book because the publishers sent me back a section of my book that needed to be changed and that was when Grenfell Happened.I will always remember during the Composing, Playing and Recording of My Music whenever I needed a break or to clear my head I would go on to the balcony for some fresh air and on the right between the two blocks would be the massive image of Grenfell Tower facing me. I will Always Remember Grenfell Tower.

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